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Casting a commercial for PROJECT NINJA TURTLES

Shortlisting is now underway. We recommend applying as soon as possible.
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Casting ID: #311  

casting: any successful applicants will be asked to come to castings next monday 23rd
and tuesday 24th march. venue to be confirmed
fee: there will be financial compensation for this to be disclosed at further stage of casting process.
all media worldwide
this is for a tv commercial but we can't disclose the product at this stage.
once you have been submitted and move to the next stage, you will be given
further information about the project.
interesting real people: aged 25 - 60
we are looking for real people to be part of our really exciting tv
commercial project (we can't disclose the brand at present). please see
below questions which need to be answered when submitting.
this will be a fantastic experience and we are looking for people with
interesting life stories to tell or just usual life experiences, travelling,
getting married, having children etc. we are looking for real people who are
likeable, charming, interesting and fun.
we’re looking for male and female, aged 25 to 60.
we’re looking for diversity so all ethnicities are welcome. in addition, we’d
like to see people from asian or caribbean ancestries as well as mixed
we’re looking for people you’d like to be friends with. they must present
well and have a sense of style but should be approachable. they shouldn’t
look like models.
we’re not looking for extraordinary or eccentric people but all candidates
need to have an interesting human and universal story to tell—either
unexpected or just charming or emotional. for example, people with different
or unusual backgrounds/family units (e.g. gay couples, parents of twins or
adopted kids), students, travellers, expats, as well as passionate men or
women who are involved in their communities, in arts or charities for
applicants should be happy to be featured in a tv commercial. successful
applicants will be compensated.
please answer these questions and share a clear photo (or several photos
ideally) of yourself:
1. what is your name?
2. where do you live?
3. what do you do for work?
4. do you like to take photos and/or videos?
5. what type and brand of device(s) do you use to take these pictures?
6. how long have you used devices from this brand(s)?
7. do you like to share these pictures, with your friends or on social
8. what sort of moments do you capture?
9. can you tell us briefly about the last 5 years of your life, the biggest
change or the most important thing that happened to you?
10. if you have an interesting story- do you have pictures of the events you
just described?

Key Details


United Kingdom


Start Date

Thursday, 19 Mar 2015


Friday, 19 Jun 2015

Casting ID: #311


Casting: Any successful applicants will be asked t

Gender: Male
Age: 0-0
Payment: Paid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement:

Casting: Any successful applicants will be asked t

Gender: Female
Age: 0-0
Payment: Paid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement:

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