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Commercial Casting Athletes

Commercial Casting Athletes
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jigsaw casting ltd. is looking for various athletes for an upcoming campaign!

stereotypes, gender roles, and social misconceptions riddle the world these days with society dictating what we can, or cannot do.

“guys can’t do yoga,” “shorter people can’t play basketball,” “woman can’t be tough.”

these are the kinds of walls that we as a contemporary society are trying to break down, and show the world that anyone is capable of anything. that is what this campaign is all about.

**everyone legally must be older than 25 years of age

basketball players: (age 30-45) male – real and experienced basketball players short and tall ballers alike. those that have been playing ball throughout their life and have the skills to back it up.

boxers: (age 30-40) male & female – a boxer than knows the sport inside and out. they not only enjoy it as a form of exercise, but also have grown to love its competitive side.

yogi: (age 55+) male & female – a yoga enthusiast that has the knowledge of the mind and body – and the skills to back it all up. their pursuit of yoga knowledge has them mastering a wide number of complex poses.

ballerina: (age 25-35) female – not your average ballerina, looking for someone taller and bigger than your average ballerina. we are looking for someone that defies all stereotypes in ballerinas, but her passion for the art form shines through brighter than any other.

weight lifter: (age 35-45) male – while the big guys may get all the attention, the bruce lees of the world can be just as impressive. the smaller stature, doesn’t denote a lack of strength whatsoever in this role!

*pays approximately $1500.00 if selected

submissions are due by: asap dec 18th end of day
you must be available for these key dates:
audition: dec 22 or 23/15
recall: jan 5/16
wardrobe: jan 8/16
shoot: jan 11-13/16 (one day only)

Key Details




Modeling, Acting

Start Date

Monday, 14 Dec 2015


Monday, 14 Mar 2016


Jigsaw Casting Ltd. Is Looking For Various Athlete

Gender: Male
Age: 0-0
Payment: Paid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement:

Jigsaw Casting Ltd. Is Looking For Various Athlete

Gender: Female
Age: 0-0
Payment: Paid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement:

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