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Entertainers Needed for Livestream App

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Talenture is currently casting for paid livestreaming hosts, work on social media, make money and build your following by broadcasting from your phone! We’re an Agency that specializes in livestreaming and influencers. We are currently partnering up with one of the fastest growing mobile platforms that has 300 million + users.

This app serves as a great way to showcase your talent on a stage! If you‘re an artist (singer, chef, painter, mua, model, dancer) this is a great way to build a following super fast. If you‘re not an artist, this is still a great opportunity! For the most part, hosts are chatting & interacting with viewers/ other hosts on the app.

Hosts are paid in multiple ways on the app, a base pay, in gifts (which you can convert to local currency), participating & winning in events. Our broadcasters have the potential of making $640(minimum) - $20k a month (top hosts).

3 Months minimum.
30-50 hours/month. Two sources of income: Official host base pay salary + Gifts from your fans + Event rewards (even just for participating)

Males and Females ages 18+
Must be social, outgoing, relatable with a great personality.
Open to USA, Canada & the UK

Please reply “interested” for the next steps for the audition.

There are 2 options in terms of contracts. The first option is the celebrity contract which is a base pay of $750 + beans (gifts) + fans bonus for 50hrs. (At the discretion of the livestreaming app to qualify you as an Influencer/Celebrity). If you hit over 130k in beans you qualify for the pay tier contract. This contract is valid for 3 months.

The second option is the new host contract which is the pay tier attached + beans + fans bonus for 30hrs. If you hit the beans (in app gift currency) tier but not the hours you’ll get half pay.
Gender: Male / Female
Age: 18-Child
Payment: Paid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement: Amateur

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