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Fantasies of The Broke and Ambitious (Film)

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Casting ID: #8528  

Fantasies of the Broke and Ambitious is about a group of boys, from the projects, who are figuring out their purpose in life while waiting to graduate high school. Kevin, the main character of the story, is very smart but is finding trouble deciding whether college is right for him. Jaheem, the artist of the story, knows his passion in music but is finding trouble making a life from it. Anthony, the comedian of the group, finds his happiness in parties but doesn’t know how that could ever provide a life for him, his girlfriend and future child. Damian, the second main character, is also very smart but sees no benefit from education if it can’t protect him and his grandmother from violence of the projects. As the story progresses, so do each of these dreams…for better and for worse.

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New York, United States



Start Date

Friday, 01 Jan 2021


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Casting ID: #8528



Roger is the neighborhood drug dealer who is close to Anthony and his friends. He is very social and can talk his way into or out of anything. But as the story progresses, he begins to show his disloyalty and ultimately betrays the people who cared the most about him.

Gender: Male
Age: 18-25
Payment: Unpaid
Expenses: Yes
Experience Requirement:
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