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'Foreign Exchange Love' (play through Zoom)

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Casting ID: #8168  

This one-act play through Zoom follows young Liza a shy girl, who is a foreign exchange student. The thing is, she happens to fall in love with her hosts family's son, but it forbidden to see him. Liza's full name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls her Liza, and her forbidden loves name is Ramon. Ramon's family treats her like a maid in their house, and don't feed her. Liza suffers from bullying at school a lot, but one day Ramon comes to help and they fall in love. Ramon's elder sisters (Bella and Brianna) find out and tell it to their Mom who threatens to kick out Liza if she makes one more move. So she stays as far away as possible..'Foreign Exchange Love' is full of romance, drama, mystery, and more!! Find out in this modern twist on your classic Cinderella tale!

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Alabama, United States



Start Date

Monday, 27 Jul 2020


Monday, 03 Aug 2020

Casting ID: #8168



Liza is a calm, quiet, and smart young girl. We need someone who can really pull of someone in love, while being collected at the same time. We are looking for a talented actress for this role. She is the female lead for the play.

Gender: Female
Age: Child-17
Payment: Unpaid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement: Amateur

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