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Now Casting Netflix's Too Hot To Handle Reality Show in the UK

Now Casting Netflix's Too Hot To Handle Reality Show in the UK
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Casting ID: #37350  

The popular Netflix reality dating show Too Hot to Handle is now casting.

“Too Hot to Handle” brings together a group of attractive and single individuals in a tropical paradise with the promise of finding love and forming meaningful connections. However, there’s a catch – the contestants are not allowed to engage in any kind of physical intimacy, which includes kissing, sexual activities, and even self-gratification.

“Too Hot to Handle” is a reality dating show that gained popularity for its unique twist on the conventional dating show format.

The central concept of the show is to test the contestants’ ability to form deeper emotional connections without relying on physical attraction. Contestants who break the rules and engage in any prohibited activities face deductions from the overall prize fund.

The more infractions there are, the less money the group will have at the end of the show. The idea is to encourage personal growth, self-awareness, and the development of authentic relationships rather than focusing solely on superficial attractions.

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Key Details


Nationwide, United Kingdom


Start Date

Sunday, 20 Aug 2023


No Deadline

Casting ID: #37350



Gender: All Genders
Age: 18-50+
Payment: Paid
Expenses: Yes
Experience Requirement: Amateur
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