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Voice Talent Needed for Super Mario Project

Voice Talent Needed for Super Mario Project
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Casting ID: #475  

dr. math is an evil mathematic genius. she was thought up by video game company sega as an enemy for sonic the hedgehog and was supposed to be a man. sega rejected the project and the character was never created. however, the evil dr. pipeazoid brought her to live, only “he” had changed into a “she” for unknown reasons.

as your audition, i want you to email me a video of yourself reading dr. math’s lines from the following scene:

tails woke up from his sleep.
dr. math: you’ve awaken.
tails: oh what the hell?
tails was chained to a machine with a flat screen beside him (but he couldn’t see what was on the screen.)
dr. math: don’t bother. you need somebody to unlock it for you.
tails: how?
dr. math: use your mind, tails. if you can build aircraft at such a young age, then you should have no problem helping the second person getting you out of this trap.
tails: who’s the second person?
dr. math: well you’ve got to wait for that person to come. here’s a note of what they need. i’ll just leave it on the desk here for them to figure out.
tails: okay, who are you?
dr. math: somebody who loves math.
then she left out the door.
tails: you’re dr. math!

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Start Date

Thursday, 25 Jun 2015


Monday, 31 Aug 2015

Casting ID: #475


Dr. Math is an evil mathematic genius. She was tho

Gender: Female
Age: 0-0
Payment: Unpaid
Expenses: No
Experience Requirement:

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