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Even The Cast Of Mulan Missed Mushu And Other Stuff From The Animation

Even The Cast Of Mulan Missed Mushu And Other Stuff From The Animation

Warning! Spoilers Ahead For Mulan

When it comes to bringing back a beloved classic that has stayed with people for so many years, there are always challenges to overcome. For some time, Disney has been making live-action movies of their animations, especially from the Renaissance era. After the amazing success of Aladdin and Mulan, Niki Caro decided to produce a live-action remake of Mulan. However, this movie is different from the other remakes. While the other movies maintained several themes from the animations, Mulan takes a more different approach. The movie is a lot different from the animated musical and seeks to explore the Chinese culture.

A lot of things were omitted in the movie especially the witty talking dragon Mushu. In an interview with Jimmy Wong who played Ling in the movie, he talked about a particular scene where Mulan and her friends dressed up as women to get to the emperor. He said: "From the scripts that we got, we never saw any iteration of that. I was watching the original and being like ‘What from this do I miss in the new one? Do I miss Mushu? Yeah, a little bit. Do I miss singing? Yeah of course. When it actually came to that scene, I was thinking about it and it's the most improbable way to sneak in a castle against all these incredibly hardcore major assassin types. I do think it's hilarious though, and I think the way you bring love and truth to that scene in the future iterations is it's a great Halloween costume for me to have and I hope to be able to throwback to that in some way."


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