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Miles Teller Has Seen Top Gun: Maverick and Here's What He Has To Say

Miles Teller Has Seen Top Gun: Maverick and Here's What He Has To Say

Whenever someone mentions Top Gun: Maverick in a polite conversation, the first thing that comes to my mind is "the need for speed." The movie's legacy was hinged on Tom Cruise's outstanding performance and the apt storytelling that makes it one of the greats till now. But there's one asset that Top Gun: Maverick is eager to take advantage of. The major clue to this was given by Miles Teller, who has seen the movie and says that it delivers an emotional payoff that viewers would really love.

In an interview with Men's Journal, Miles Teller talked about his experience working on the movie with Tim Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski. He said, "Playing Goose’s kid and getting to continue that storyline that was established in such a powerful way all those years ago, there is a lot of history there. I think when audiences realize the character I play is that tiny kid they saw in the original, it is going to hit. I was able to see it a couple of weeks ago. The movie just blew me away, and my wife said, ‘That might be the best film I have ever seen.’ She was crying multiple times."

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