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The Criticism About Rom-Coms That Made Hugh Grant Grind His Teeth

The Criticism About Rom-Coms That Made Hugh Grant Grind His Teeth

Hugh Grant became a household name in Hollywood because of his roles in rom-coms such as Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Although these movies helped to boost his career, they also led to some very harsh criticisms that were difficult for him to handle at the time. Recently, the actor talked about one of the most caustic criticisms that frustrated him at the time.

It was the view that he was being typecast in Richard Curtis' Love Actually, and it didn't sit well with him. He said, "That always made me grind my teeth a bit. Because that character in the Richard Curtis films was a bit repetitious, but it wasn’t me. It’s really kind of Richard. I did try it. Whether it might be Four Weddings and a Funeral or Two Weeks Notice, my process was always the same as it is now. I do a ridiculous amount of homework and granular analysis of every moment in the film. I build up these vast biographies of the character. Hiding behind the mask of someone else seems to loosen me up and make me better. And in the end, one thing I have discovered over the years is all you really want in film acting is to be loose."

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