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Sopho Inauri



Physical Details

  • Name: Sopho Inauri
  • Age: 0 Years
  • Residence: Georgia
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5.2 ft
  • Waist: 27 inch
  • Shoe Size: 6 UK
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Hair Style: Straight
  • Hair Length: Medium
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Bust: 32DD
  • Hips: 37 inch


Hello, my name is Sopho Inauri. Sounds strange isn't it? Probably because I'm from the State of Georgia, (not the State of the USA, it's in Caucasus). I was born in 1993, May 2, in a little town - Gori. I lived there with my family, mother, father and a year older sister - Ana. I always loved Art, it's been part of my life as long as I remember myself :))) I was going to the art school for 2 years, also I've graduated music school, where I learned for 7 years. But I think I'm drawing better than playing :D. Movies and Theaters always inspired me, after watching movies or performances I imagined that I was one of the main character and playing my part at home, sometimes with my friends, sometimes alone. We were making little performances for our neighbors. sometimes I was a model :D sometimes deaf-and-dumb, you know, it was depended on my part :))). Everybody enjoyed watching it :D. I was a very good student at school and after graduating school I decided to continue studying at the Medical School. When I was a child and was used to imagine myself as an actress everybody looked at it as a childish game and nobody thought that I could make career as an actress. They thought it was not a serious business and not realizing what I really wanted I went to the Tbilisi State Medical University to study Dentistry. So I leaved my little town Gori, left my art, music, movies, "acting career" there and went to the Capital town of Georgia - Tbilisi to study. After 3 years hard working, studying I felt that I was missing something, something that couldn't full with my profession. Thinking a lot I guessed that reason of being so cheerless was my great love of acting, and you can imagine how useless it is in medical world. My escape from reality was going to the cinema, or to the Theater and dreaming that one day I'll be part of that world, and I'm ready to do all my best to get success. Now I'm on the 5th course, graduating University this year (YEY) and hope that I'll be able to make great changes into my life, changes that will help me to make my all-time greatest dream come true, become a real actress and be a part of this huge, amazing, sparkling and magic world, world where I'll be able to express myself, show my inner universe, which is trying to come out but there is no place for it where I live now... But I do believe that every great wish, which drives you on and gives you strength to live, one day will come true!..

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