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A Harry Potter Actor Had a Funny Response To His Death

A Harry Potter Actor Had a Funny Response To His Death

One major characteristic is Harry Potter movies is the number of heartbreaking deaths. Characters that we came to love getting ripped out of the movie by the writers. From Cedric Digory to Albus Dumbledore, deaths like this hit us hard. One of the star actors in the movie read about his death in the book and his response was shocking yet hilarious. James Phelps, who played the role of Fred Weasley in Harry Potter: The Sorcerer and The Stone, said he never knew that his character died until he read the book.

People who have read the book were certainly surprised by his death but imagine how James Phelps responded to it. In an interview with Metro, he said: "The book had just come out that day, so I found an English copy. I was actually on a bullet train, and I read the part when Fred died – so I’m a bit shell-shocked at this point because I didn’t realize how attached I got to the character. That caught me by surprise. I was surprised that he died. So I’m kind of all going over these different emotions. At the same time, the ticket officer is coming around asking for tickets. And he just kind of prodded me saying ‘ticket, ticket.’ All I could do is look at him and I actually said, 'Mate, come on, I’ve just died here, let me have a bit of time to myself!'"

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