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The Office Stars Talk About the Deleted Scenes They Would Have Loved The Fans To See The Most

The Office Stars Talk About the Deleted Scenes They Would Have Loved The Fans To See The Most

Although many Netflix users were disappointed when The Office left the streaming service at the end of 2020, they have already enjoyed many things about its arrival on NBC's streaming platform, Peacock.

Fans can enjoy having a fun interactive faux computer desktop to play around with. Still, the biggest draw is the introduction of Superfan extended cuts, where episodes feature a few (or more) hilarious deleted scenes that didn't make it to the small screen. However, only Season 3's Superfan episodes are currently available. Still, The Office stars Kate Flannery, and Andy Buckley recently interviewed CinemaBlend, where they talked about the deleted scenes from later seasons that they want the fans to see.

Kate Flannery said, "Well, the first one that comes to mind that I'm excited about it being answered is, during the 'Weight Loss' episode, Meredith has a terrible skin condition, and it was never explained. So I'm excited to put that to bed finally."

According to Andy Buckley, "You know, it's funny. I have to start watching it. I haven't a chance to look at all the deleted stuff. There's so much, but there will be many. Like, I had forgotten about this one somebody reminded me the other day, and I think it's on YouTube: a deleted scene where I make Ryan cry. Like, I'm on the phone, and I'm criticizing him, and he's crying on the phone. But there's one crazy scene... This will never make it, I'm sure, but it was a scene – an alternate version – where I'm yelling it at Ed Helms after he's been on the boat for three months and lying to me. Jon Favreau directed that episode, and we did it, we did like three or four takes, and they said, 'Okay, all right. Anybody want to do anything?' And I said, 'Hey, can we try it where Wallace swears. Like, he's so mad that he actually [swears]. And they cut it out?' And so we did it, and Favreau really got a kick out of it, and so we did three or four more takes of that. He just kept saying, 'Swear more, swear more.' By the end of it – and there's an edited version of it floating around somewhere – I mean, it's like Tony Soprano. Like Wallace has, like, become Tony. He's just swearing. I mean, every other word is, you know, M-F this. It's crazy, and it's so out of character that it's like insane and will never be seen, probably, unless somebody you know finds it somewhere. It would be funny if that one showed up, but I'm sure it won't. But just anything. I mean, because all the stuff that didn't make it was probably equally as funny as the stuff that did. Just storyline-wise, you couldn't have that much."

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